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Our student query gives you unprecedented access to all of your students information. Allowing you to filter by grade, school, map zones, and more to create custom reports to fit your needs. Consequently our school bus routing software allows you to view, map or export all of your rider pickups, special needs riders, and group stops in one place.


With our school bus routing software, you can view multiple routes at one time, as well as set specific parameters, and view weather/ traffic conditions in real time. Click a button to set routes to pick up students curb side only, avoid U-Turns, and more. Furthermore, you can add in new subdivisions, parking lots, turn arounds, and missing roads making it easier than ever to customize maps of your area.


Unlike our competitors, at Lynx we take pride in being able to offer 24-7 live technical support so our customers can rest easy knowing they will be taken care of when they need it. Whether you are working from home, the office, or away you will always have secure access to your data. In addition, you can even view student information right from your smartphone, and as a result stay up-to-date even when you are away from the office.


We make it easy to manage your fleet, drivers, students, and routes. Keep track of fleet maintenance right from within Lynx, as well as easily update your driver and student information to keep your system clean and organized.  Sync data with just about any student information system to undoubtedly cut down on parent/staff calls and data entry work.


Lynx makes it effortless to create reports to satisfy administrators, and unquestionably comply with transportation regulations and requirements. Clearly create customized reports and save them for easy access later. Subsequently you can even use Lynx to create state audit reports saving you time and making sure your district receives the funding it deserves.

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Contact us today at Lynx™ Transportation Solutions for details on discounts that may apply to your organization and learn about the version of Lynx that is right for you. Lynx is an affordable, advanced student transportation software system. Call us at (866)356-6822
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